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Here at Netcom Online Learning we offer dynamic and innovative online and distance learning options to those who want to level up their skills and net a new career. We offer courses in IT, Project Management, Accounting, and Cyber Security (amongst others) …

After all, if you want to get ahead you need the right credentials behind you; our online courses are flexible, affordable, up-to-date and led by certified instructors with more than a decade of experience. With our distance learning options, you can work, learn, and have a life, all while earning the latest certifications and working towards a better tomorrow!


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The Benefits of Online Learning with Netcom Online Learning

Online courses and distance learning options have become more popular than ever in recent years because of the benefits associated with this method of higher learning. Online learning is:

  1. Cost Effective: Online courses with Netcom Online Learning are affordable, unlike university and college tuition, and when you opt for a reputable provider you gain the same qualifications as you would at any institution of higher education.
  1. Flexible: Distance learning can be undertaken anywhere at any time, which makes it perfect for busy individuals. Whether you need to work around your career or your kids, online courses make it possible to improve your prospects while continuing with life as usual.
  1. Self-Paced: When you learn online you have the unique advantage of arranging a learning schedule that suits your needs! Start and finish your course when you have time, not when deadlines demand it!
  1. Good for Your C.V: Your C.V. will look much better with a few extra qualifications to back up your experience and skills!