Configuring And Deploying A Private Cloud 2012 – Microsoft 70-247

Demonstrate your real world mastery configuring and deploying a private cloud using Microsoft System Center 2012 R2

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What you'll learn

  • Prepare for Microsoft exam 70-247
  • Demonstrate your real world mastery configuring and deploying a private cloud using Microsoft System Center 2012 R2
  • Focus on the cirtical thinking and decision making acumen needed for success at the MCSE level
  • Validate your knowledge with this qualification

Microsoft 70-247: Configuring And Deploying A Private Cloud 2012 Modules

  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 1.2 Designing The Cloud
  • 1.3 Reason For Using The Cloud
  • 1.4 Choosing The Right Cloud Model
  • 1.5 Designing Private Clouds
  • 1.6 Overview Of Virtualization Components
  • 1.7 Windows Server 2012 R2 And Hyper­ V
  • 1.8 System Center 2012 R2­ Part 1
  • 1.9 System Center 2012 R2­ Part 2
  • 1.10 Deploying Highly Available Hyper­ V Hosts
  • 2.1 Overview Of Virtual Machine­ Part 1
  • 2.2 Overview Of Virtual Machine ­Part 2
  • 2.3 Deploying VMM
  • 2.4 Configuring Role Based Access Control
  • 2.5 Managing Hosts
  • 2.6 Configuring Networking­ Part 1
  • 2.7 Configuring Networking­ Part 2
  • 2.8 Configuring Storage
  • 3.1 Extending And Maining The Cloud Infrastructure
  • 3.2 Deploying Hyper ­VHost Servers­ Part 1
  • 3.3 Deploying Hyper­ VHost Servers­ Part 2
  • 3.4 Providing Patch Management For Fabric Resources­ Part 1
  • 3.5 Providing Patch Management For Fabric Resources Part 2
  • 4.1 Creating Building Blocks For The Private Cloud­ Part 1
  • 4.2 Creating Building Blocks For The Private Cloud­ Part ­2
  • 4.3 Creating Virtual Machine Templates
  • 4.4 Creating A Private Cloud
  • 4.5 Creating And Deploying Applications ­Part 1
  • 4.6 Creating And Deploying Applications ­­Part 2
  • 4.7 Creating And Deploying Applications ­­Part 3
  • 4.8 Creating And Configuring Services­ Part 1
  • 4.9 Creating And Configuring Services­ ­Part 2
  • 4.10 Configuring Access To The Private Cloud
  • 5.1 Overview Of Operations Manager
  • 5.2 Installing Operations Manager
  • 5.3 Deploying Monitoring Agents
  • 5.4 Configuring Access To Operations Manager
  • 5.5 Creating And Configuring Management Packs
  • 5.6 Configuring System Center Integration
  • 5.7 Extending And Optimizing Monitoring­ Part 1
  • 5.8 Extending And Optimizing Monitoring ­Part 2
  • 6.1 Overview Of Service Manager
  • 6.2 Deploying Service Manager
  • 6.3 Service Manager Work Items­ Part 1
  • 6.4 Service Manager Work Items­ Part 2
  • 6.5 Service Manager Work Items ­Part 3
  • 6.6 Service Manager Notifications
  • 6.7 System Center Integration­ Part 1
  • 6.8 System Center Integration ­Part 2
  • 7.1 Overview Of Orchestrator
  • 7.2 Deploying Automation Using Orchestrator
  • 7.3 Configuring Integration Packs
  • 7.4 Configuring And Managing Runbooks
  • 8.1 Overview Of Data Protection Manager
  • 8.2 Planning For Data Protection Manager
  • 8.3 Deploying Data Protection Manager
  • 8.4 Configuring Protection For The Private Cloud
  • 8.5 Configuring Protection For Applications­ Part 1
  • 8.6 Configuring Protection For Applications ­Part 2
  • 8.7 Hyper­V Recovery Manager
  • 9.1 Implementing The Cloud Services Process Pack­ Part 1
  • 9.2 Implementing The Cloud Services Process Pack­ Part 2
  • 9.3 Service Provider Foundation
  • 9.4 Configuring The Windows Azure Pack
  • 9.6 Conclusion


Prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-247—and help demonstrate your real-world mastery configuring and deploying a private cloud using Microsoft System Center 2012 R2. Designed for experienced IT professionals ready to advance their status, focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the MCSE level.

Focus on the expertise measured by these objectives:

  • Design and deploy System Center
  • Configure System Center infrastructure
  • Configure the fabric
  • Configure System Center integration
  • Configure and deploy virtual machines and services


  • A Mac or PC required
  • Access to the internet
  • Previous experience in cloud infrastucture, Networking experience, Working knowledge of previous versions of System Center products, Familiarity with data center management processes beneficial.

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Duration: 12 Months
Video: 18 hrs
Level: Advanced

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