Why get certified?

By getting certified, you gain the necessary documents to prove that you have gained skills and knowledge in your area of study. This will open opportunities for new employment (if you are looking for a new career path) or give you the upper hand to get that promotion you have been chasing. Some employers need specific qualifications before the start of the employment for certain roles; being certified gives you the opportunity to enhance your CV and get the job you were dreaming of.

Where do I take the training?

Each course is based entirely online, which means that all you need is a PC, laptop, tablet or even a smart phone to get going with your studies. To begin your studies, you need to have access to internet, but you can also download the e-books and study them on your way to work or while on break. Different people prefer different study environments; some prefer to study in a quiet room or a library when they won’t be distracted, but others don’t mind a bit of music in the background or having the TV on for some background noise. It’s completely up to you how you study and where. We suggest that you find the best way that suits you and carry on with it.

How long does the training take?

This really depends on the individual course. But, in any case, you have 12 months access to any of our courses. The more time you put into your studies, the sooner you finish and with having 24/7 access, you might finish it faster than you expected in the beginning. However, we don’t push you to finish the course or take your exam before you are ready; that’s why you have 12 months membership for each course. We want to make sure that you are not put under pressure; after all, we understand that everyone has their own commitments and life doesn’t always go as planned so there might be a few obstacles that slow your studies.

If I need help, what can I do?

We have a student support team that their main responsibility is to make sure that your study journey is smooth and easy. If you encounter any problems, just contact them and they will be happy to help you.

When can I get started?

After you’ve signed up on any of our courses, our student support team will provide you with the login details and you are ready to go. Each of our courses comes with a welcome tutorial which helps you to understand how to navigate through the course. They are all very easy, so you shouldn’t have any problems. But if you have any problems, please get in touch with our student support team.

Can I use a Mac?

Yes, you can access the training materials on Mac or PC.

Which courses should I study?

If you’re not sure what course to choose you can contact our student support team; they know which courses are in demand and what courses are best for your chosen career. So, let us help you choose the best course for your chosen path.

Can I pay the course fees in full?

Of course! The good news is that if you make a full upfront payment, you will receive a discount between 5%-10% depending on the course. Visit the course page that you are interested in and find out about what discount is available on them.

Are practice exams included?

Of course; we know how important it is for our students to practice their knowledge on an exam-based platform. We won’t send you to the official exam without making sure that you are ready and have passed your practice exams. Usually you will need to get a score of 85% or above on a regular basis on your practice exams before you should consider taking the official exams. There are no limits on how many times you can take the practice tests, so keep doing them. It’s much better to fail a practice exam than the official exam as you can keep doing the practice ones until you pass.

Are the exams included in the price?

Unless it has been mentioned on the course description, exams are not included. This helps you with the course price, as it will be significantly cheaper when official exams are not included. Also, some students only wish to complete the course and don’t want to take the official exam which means they don’t have to pay extra for something they don’t need. Furthermore, it gives you an opportunity to only spend the extra cash when you are truly ready to take the official exam. After completion of each course, you will receive a completion certificate from us.

How much are the exams?

There is no set price for examinations; they are different for each course because the courses are in different levels and they have different awarding bodies. If you need more information, you can contact our student support team and they can give you an indication of the price.

When shall I book my exam?

We suggest that you only take your exam when you get a score of 85% or above on the practice exams. Not just once but repeatedly. If you keep doing the practice exams and get a high score, naturally you will be more confident for your official exam and the chances of you passing them will be much higher.

What do I need to get started?

First, you need to choose what course you are interested in; you can get advice on what the right course is for you by contacting our student support team. After deciding on the course and the right level for you, then it’s easy. You don’t need anything except a drive to succeed. We will provide you with anything you need. We provide you with the materials and support throughout your studies with us.

Can I study from outside the UK?

Of course! We have students from all over the world. All you need is your PC, laptop or tablet and an internet connection; it really doesn’t matter if you are in London or New York, you can study anywhere at any time.

How do I enroll?

You can enrol in different ways. You can either use add to basket option, which enables you to pay for your course and get started or you can call a student support staff and ask them to help you enrol. Either way, the enrolling part is a very easy process.

What is an online programme?

A self-study or online learning programme is a flexible option where you can learn from your own place and in your own pace. Usually this is the best plan for people that have other commitments such as full-time work or household commitments. Online courses are almost always more cost effective than classroom based and their main attribute it’s their flexibility. It also helps students to overcome any geographical constraints whilst they carry on their profession and personal commitments. It works around your work not the other way around. You don’t have to attend any classes, but you will have the same benefits as attending one.

How many hours of study is recommended per week?

If you are doing a basic course, we advise you to study around 10 hours a week. However, we generally recommend between 15-18 hours a week for a steady progress with your chosen course. It depends how much free time you have available and your other daily commitments.

Who should take an online course?

Anyone can take an online course no matter where they are or what profession they do. If you want to advance your skill sets or begin a new career, this could be an option for you. If you are a very busy person and don’t have time or facilities to attend classes, online courses can be the best solution for you. You can study in your own time and enjoy learning a new skill.

Are there prerequisites or language requirements?

All the courses are in English, so a good knowledge of English language is recommended. However, we do suggest that if you are novice at the topic, you start from a beginner or basic level and work your way up. This way, you don’t get confused while doing the course and the chances for you to successfully get certified is much higher. Nonetheless, all of our courses are open to all students.

How do I select a course?

You can visit our online library of courses and choose which one is best for you. You can also contact our student support team to ask for advice. It is very important that you read the course description carefully when you are making your initial decision.

What are your terms and conditions?

Visit our terms and conditions page for details.

I am registered, now what?

You will receive a confirmation email with your login details as soon as your payment has been successfully processed (usually within 3 days) and then you can start your course.

How do I access my course?

You will receive a confirmation email with your login details as soon as your payment has been successfully processed (usually within 3 days) and then you can start your course.

Do I need a textbook?

All our courses will come with all the materials you need in order to pass the course. You will have access to e-books and manuals that you can download and print. But if you want to have textbooks, that’s completely up to you.

I completed my course, now what?

After course completion, we will send you a certificate of completion and you can start booking your official exam.

Is there a minimum age requirement for studying?

The minimum age for students is 18 but there is no maximum age.

Will I get a student card?

Yes, you can obtain a student card by registering with NUS, please call a member of our support team for more details.

Are the fees different for people outside of UK?

The course fees are the same all over the world. You can change the currency in our website based on where you are located.

Can I access the courses from multiple computer locations, for example, home computer and office?

Yes, you can access the course from anywhere if you are not logged in multiple devices.

Will I need any special equipment for the course?

No, all you need is internet access.

Are the courses set at a specific time of the day?

No, you can access the courses 24/7.

Can I renew my membership?

Yes, you can extend your course if you wish to. For more information please get in touch with us.

Are there a lot of testing centres around?

Most testing centres are based in major cities and easily accessible. You can find their locations on their individual websites.

What level of education do I need to take these courses?

There are no requirements for the level of education or knowledge. Each course has its own criteria. For some of the courses, you would have need to finish the foundation course first before going forward. For more information on these specifications please visit the overview of each course.