Why should I become a web developer?

There are many reasons why someone would decide to have a career as a web developer. Web development combines creativity and analytical skills together. If you are a detail orientated and have an eye for design, this would be the perfect career for you.

It’s also good to know that the average salary in UK for a web developer is around £39,000. This represents a 3.90 percent increase since last year and only gets higher as each year goes by. Although money is always an indicator of choosing a career, but the joy of the role is plenty too. It is a varied, fulfilling and fun role to get into.

Career as a web developer…

You don’t need an expensive degree

Many of the developers these days don’t have any formal qualifications such as degrees. Although some have computer science degrees, it is not a necessity. If you know programming languages and have experience in database management, there’s nothing there to stop you from a dream career.

You can expand into other areas

Web development has many branches and transferable skills and disciplines that can be tied in different areas. A developer can transfer his/her skills into the mobile sector and transition to mobile development. You can dip your finger in different areas of web development and use your creativity in growing into your career.

You can become a specialist

Even if you are a person that rather specialize in a particular area, web development is a great area to become an expert. Specializing in any area of web development such as JavaScript, CSS or HTML allows you to focus on areas you enjoy and become better at your job. It will also help you secure a job easier.

It’s creative

If you want to be a front-end web developer, creativity is the key to your success. You will be able to create amazing user experiences and innovative websites. Although developers are always problem solvers, web developers have also got the opportunity to be more flexible in their creativity.

You’ll be part of a community

Web developers have a huge online community which can be used as a source of technical support and a place with like-minded people. You can ask questions and also share your knowledge which will help you to build your creativity and your innovative ideas.

Money money money

Nowadays, with such demand for web developers, businesses are paying much more for the best talent there who has the creativity and skills that are needed to create a great user experience. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for web development is £50,000 a year.

You can work freelance or as part of an organization

Not only web development earns you a good salary, but you can also have the freedom to become a freelancer. By doing so, you have the opportunity to pick and choose your projects and work in your own terms.

It’s fun!

With the growing technology, web development is a great place to be to see it all happening. It’s a fun career that you can grow into and it is always looking for new talent.

If you decide that you would want to work for a smaller company, you will be able to take on more responsibility and although the pay might not be as high, you will have more creative control and take ownership of the projects.

It is future proof

There is no need for us to tell you that as we progress toward an ever more tech-filled future, developer skills are increasingly in demand and you could even see programming languages become more valuable than a lot of other skills in the market.

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